By the auditor
The reason I've not been updating (other than procrastination) is because....

I got a NEW BLOG *clickclickclick*

forgive me. I can't contain my excitement! Don't you just love new things?

By the auditor
This is byfar my most honest post yet. So I'd appreciate if you would read this with an open mind, without any judgement

I'd like to express my gratitude towards my father for giving me the motivation to study even harder.
Oh? How did he do that? He's no ordinary dad, he doesn't do all those "supportive" kind of roles. He uses aggression and violence. Whoever said that was bad was wrong, because right now my desire to succeed is as strong as ever. I want to prove him wrong, not because his opinion matters to me, because I believe in myself, I want to prove anyone who doesn't believe in me wrong. He thinks I'm stupid. I believe I have more brain cells than he does. The amount of knowledge you have in your thick skull of yours isn't what determines your intelligence. It's how you use that knowledge to benefit the society and make the world a better place to live in.

Noone cares how much more powerful you are, they may show fear which you misinterpreted as respect because that is the only way you can derive respect from people-through fear. I don't know how to reach to you, I've tried and given up. You treat everyone as your enemy, you think that you have the right to treat your family bad just because you have contributed a lot in financial terms. Well, you know what? Money isn't everything, money does not make me happy. I rather live in poor but happy family.

Don't worry, smiley li hong still exists =) somewhere.

busy and lovin it

By the auditor
Upcoming projects
  • The Incredible Hunt (HELP business department treasure hunt)
  • Dress to Impress (clothes blog with lesbian partners)
  • Mid term exams

You gotta prioritize girl! Prioritize!

more details coming to you...very very soon ;)